Max B & Isaiah Toothtaker ‘Toothy Wavy’ (Mishka Mixtape) Prod. By Hood Internet (Prefix Premiere)

    Other than ponder your legal options, what do you do whilst serving a 75-year prison sentence for charges of armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and murder? Well, if your name is Max B, then you hook up with fellow felonious rapper and Machina Muerte-founder Isaiah Toothaker, enlist esteemed mash-up production duo The Hood Internet, and release a mixtape called Toothy Wavy.

    Max B’s vocal parts on the mix retain their trademark low-key delivery, but because they were contributed from prison by telephone they also take on a digitised, robotic tone. Rather than attempt to clean it up, The Hood Internet have sensibly embraced the rapper’s bitcrushed sound, and each of their six tracks makes a feature out of its stark contrast with Toothtaker’s smoother, bolder rhyming.

    The production duo’s influence is also clear in the diversity of the beats used on Toothy Wavy. “Hold On” unleashes the two rappers on an ’80s dancefloor by boosting lush, synth-dominated sounds from Madonna’s “Live To Tell.” The excellent “Been Told,” by contrast, uses an indie-inflected Sleater Kinney sample to draw surprising, howled Tucson cadences from Toothtaker.

    Toothy Wavy will be available later today from Mishka Records, but until then an exclusive premiere of the whole mixtape streams right now below.