Too Much Paul McCartney Costs Coachella at least $50,000 in Fines

    No matter who you are in the music business, it’s hard to tell a former member of the Beatles to stop playing if you are given the privilege of hosting one. So Coachella organizers can be forgiven for not informing Sir Paul McCartney that his performance was going beyond the curfew imposed on the festive. Indio Police spokesperson Ben Guitron said that Coachella organizers were warned that they’d be fined $1,000 for every minute after midnight that Coachella performance ran. McCartney’s headlining opening night ran at least 50 minutes past the curfew, reports the L.A. Times.


    In fact, not even the Indio police were going to try to shut down the chief orchestrator of Sgt. Pepper, but Guitron did say “we are talking to the people responsible. . . . If we end up having artists go a little over, there are consequences.” Ultimately, the responsibility was up to concert promoter Goldenvoice to pull the plug, and while they will be the ones who will be disciplined here, they probably avoided a much more public and ultimately costly brou-ha-ha by not pulling the plug on McCartney.


    Lest you think Indio’s laws about public festivals rather Draconian, may we remind you about California’s history of large outdoor concerts with British invation bands:



    [H/t: Examiner]