Tommy Lee Tells Sea World To Stop Playing Mötley Crüe Songs

    Apparently not everyone is a fan of Sea World. In a strongly worded letter to the theme park’s president, John T. Reilly (imagine if it were a C. instead of a T.), Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee told the company to stop torturing the whales with the band’s music during the Shamu Rocks show.

    “Although we like to torture the human fans who willingly come to our shows, we don’t want to be a part of making innocent animals’ lives hellish,” wrote Lee in a letter posted on PETA‘s blog.

    “I’ve learned from my friends at PETA that these marine animals are very sensitive to sound, as they communicate by sonar, and loud noises mess with their most basic instincts and drive them more nuts than they already are when trapped in your tanks.”

    According to the New York Post, Sea World denied PETA’s charges and claimed they never played a Crüe song nor will they ever.