Tom Morello on rehearsing with Rage: “It’s pretty much like riding a bike.”

    Via: Billboard
    Initially we couldn’t decide whether the quote in the title of this post was a harbinger of good (familiarity bodes well) or bad (bike-riding and raging do not easily equate) things to come on the Rage Against the Machine front, but because it’s Tom Morello-related news that doesn’t have anything to do with Audioslave, we’re gonna go with the positive. The comment from the Rage riffster comes from an interview with Billboard, and amidst building anticipation for Rage’s reunion gig headlining Coachella 2007 this April. Besides reporting that rehearsals are progressing swimmingly for the rap-metal politico rockers, Morello also spoke about the timing of the band’s return:

    “These times, I think, demand a voice like Rage Against the Machine to return…Rage was certainly the most outspoken radical voice in music in the ’90s, and the seven years that Rage was away the country went to hell. So I think it’s overdue that we’re back.”

    Despite all the good news, Morello says there are no definite plans for the future of Rage, and that he will continue touring as his solo project, The Nightwatchman, as well as release a Nightwatchman record on April 24.
    And it wouldn’t be a Rage post if we didn’t state our belief that somewhere, in response to all of this Rage-talk or not, Chris Cornell is…singing Billie Jean?