Tom Morello And Other Political Punks To Perform For Wisconsin Protesters

    For the last week, tens of thousands of union members in Madison, Wisc., have been protesting against Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to restrict the collective bargaining rights of state employees in order to balance the state budget. They’ve been joined by countless supporters and on Monday, Feb. 21, some punk rockers will give their encouragement in the form of special acoustic sets in front of the statehouse.

    “Madison is the next Cairo” described Tom Morello, best known as the former Rage Against the Machine guitarist, after receiving an email of support from an organizer in Egypt. The people of Cairo, of course, hosted their own protests just a few weeks ago, which culminated in the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak on Feb. 12.

    Gov. Walker is “breaking the right of working people to stand up to corporate power,” said Morello. “That’s what they want to do, and that’s what we’re not going to let them do.”

    Also appearing onstage will be the MC5’s Wayne Kramer, Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath, Tom Cabel from Against Me! and the Street Dogs, featuring former Dropkick Murphys singer Mike McColgan. Full details on Morello’s Facebook page.