Tom Morello And Ben Harper To Perform At L.A. Protest Against Wal-Mart, Steve Earle Records Song In Support

    As reported last week, No Age will be performing this Friday in Los Angeles in protest of Wal-Mart because there isn’t anything more unhip than a box store. I mean low prices are cool and all but they don’t even sell used-records or anything vintage. Ugggggh! (No but really, big box stores do suck for a billion reasons)

    Now it has been announced that Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman and Ben Harper will be performing the following day (Saturday June 30) in Los Angeles at what is being billed as “the largest protest ever held against Walmart in the U.S.” Both Morello and Harper will play at the rally in front of a massive banner that reads “Walmart = Poverty,” underneath the iconic Chinese dragons located on Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Broadway in L.A.’s Chinatown at 12PM.

    Also, Steve Earle recorded a song in support of the protest. He won’t be there in person but expressed that he wishes he could be while also stating, “I’ve never known of Walmart to be a good neighbor in any town it’s ever moved into. Y’all stick together out there.”

    Check out Earle’s song below and visit the LA Labor tumblr for more info on the protest.