Tom Hanks Doesn’t Want To Be An American Idiot, Attempting To Purchase Movie Rights To Green Day Musical

    From the strange bedfellows department, iconic actor and sometimes producer Tom Hanks is seeking the movie rights to the Green Day musical based on their 2004 concept album American Idiot. Hanks, who recently produced another movie adaptation of a musical in Mamma Mia!, and his production company Playstone have gone into talks to acquire the rights to the musical, which closes on Broadway April 20.


    The play, which goes by the same name, originally opened in Berkeley, Calif. in 2009 and is a more coherent adaptation of the album’s storyline. Directed by Tony award winner Michael Mayer, it features music and lyrics from Green Day’s last two albums. Subsequently, it made its way to Broadway.


    Someone should start a pool on how quickly protest groups are going to spring up around a major motion picture with a main character named “Jesus of Suburbia.” [Spin]