Today’s L.A. Events Preview: The Black Lips

    The Black Lips/The Lamps/The Bloody Hollies @ The Echo 1/26
    You’ve seen the picture. You’ve read the abbreviated preview blurb. You’ve entered the ticket giveaway. Now it’s time for: THE FULL, UNABRIDGED BLACK LIPS CONCERT PREVIEW.

    So, I was MySpace-stalking Black Lips the other day when I perused the comments left to them and saw a note that said, ””You guys are the absolute tits!”” And you know what? That”’s a pretty spot-on observation (thanks, Matt in New Zealand). Atlanta”’s Black Lips is the garage rock revival band that every garage rock revival band aspires to be ” on each record they”’ve nailed the sloppy lo-fi sound quality that would make them worthy of getting slapped on a 1966 vinyl sampler, were they not so misleadingly new. They use loads of treble, and are, without a doubt, one of the best live bands you”’ll ever get to see at a small venue. They”’ve got a reputation for all sorts of filth: spitting urine at audiences, making out with each other; lead vocalist/guitarist Cole Alexander is said to have played guitar with his third hand (and word has it he”’s well-endowed, a pretty entertaining rumor for a guy who”’s somewhere around 5”’7””). Get there early for all the great openers, including the Lamps, who toured with the Lips last year.(CB)
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