Today’s L.A. Events Preview: Jucifer

    Jucifer @ The Scene, 2/8

    If you”’ve ever had the pleasure of savoring the slightly metallic taste that lingers in your molars after having your head snap back against your third and fourth vertebrae in, say, a car accident or a bar fight, you are already well-versed in how Jucifer will make you feel. This Atlanta, GA duo is so skull-crushingly loud, audience members should be required to sign a waiver before being allowed to enjoy (and endure) their sonic spectacle. The band’s most recent release, 2006’s If Thine Enemy Hunger (Relapse), is Jucifer’s first full-length in over four years and packs an auditory wallop only this duo can manage. This is going to seem like one hell of a stretch, but … picture The White Stripes in your mind”’s eye. Now reverse the genders. Now imbue the drummer with the ability to pound out Alex Van Halen”’s ””Hot For Teacher”” double kick interlude, his propensity for bloodshed, and his headband stylings circa ””Unchained.”” OK, now give the strangely alluring guitar player a flying V and a veritable wall of stacks. Tune said guitar to drop C. Jam earplugs into any available orifice. Prepare to grin, wince, and headbang concurrently. (ZH)
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