Today’s L.A. Events preview: Incubus/Albert Hammond Jr.

    Incubus/Albert Hammond Jr. @ Wiltern, 2/13

    In a December issue of NME, a video top-ten list making mention of Albert Hammond Jr.”’s ””101”” noted that ””if Albert Hammond had $101 for every time a Strokes crowd shouted, ”’Let Albert sing!”’ he”’d have earned zero dollars.”” Alright, so he”’s not as passionate a singer as Mr. Casablancas–in fact, the poodle-haired guitarist is surprisingly soft for someone who comes off so coolly–but he”’s quite a decent guitarist and will perhaps throw a few Strokes crowd-pleasers into his opening set. You know, to make up for all the rejected Strokes songs that comprise his debut solo material. And what he lacks in passion will most certainly be made up for by Brandon Boyd, the not-quite-emo dreamboat of Incubus. And what about that Incubus? They”’ve definitely lost a chunk of their intellectual crowd (as well as bass player Dirk Lance) since ””Drive”” made it onto adult contemporary radio, but even in turning off the KROQ fans and winning over the Star crowd during the run of their last three albums, the Calabasas group has never let image get in the way of maturity”’s natural progression. Too mature, too soon, you say? Well, yes, they are a little on the peaceful side these days, but they probably won”’t be above closing their set with a swooner like ””Stellar”” and (if luck permits) bringing ol”’ Albert out for a mega-funky version of ””New Skin.”” Not that Al”’s funky, but whatever. (CB)
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