Today Show doesn’t know Jay-Z from Joe Budden

    In a piece about Rolling Stone’s support for their cover candidate Barack Obama, the Today Show talked about, among other things, Obama’s musical preferences, which he says run from Stevie Wonder to Jay-Z. Accordingly, footage of Wonder appeared on screen during the singer’s mention, but when his regal rapness was name-checked, the nation was treated to a promo still of…Joe Budden! Whether this was some snarky intern’s idea of a joke or simply a case of colossal ignorance on the part of the Today Show staff is unclear.


    Then again, Rolling Stone’s own figurehead, Jann Wenner, has been known for public displays of cluelessness himself. For instance, when inducting Steely Dan into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he mispronounced the title of the boomer icons’ landmark album Aja (it’s three freakin’ letters, Jann!). So maybe the Today show gaffe was some kind of meta-commentary. Yeah, right… [Nah Right]