Title: iLike hits thirty million users and adds major new features

    iLike’s blend of music discovery and social networking is apparently a hit music fans. The service recently passed the thirty million mark in registered users and has added some new features to up its networking aspect. Concert promoters will be able to use a new ad platform that allows them to find the ideal audience for their event and tap in to existing social networks to get that patented Internet viral spread (which sounds gross but is pretty effective). iLike is also offering full song streaming for up to twenty-five plays monthly, at which point users can sign up for a Rhapsody account or make do with thirty seconds of the song. Royalties will also be paid to artists via the existing agreement with Rhapsody. iLike currently holds a dominant position in music networking on Facebook, Orkut, hi5, and Bebo. The recent additions will most likely solidify this hold and help iLike branch out to other networking sites. Whether iLike will be able to figure out a way to gain a significant foothold on MySpace remains to be seen. [Hypebot]