Ting Tings to record in Paris

    The Ting Tings are off to gay Paris to find inspiration for the follow-up to We Started Nothing and prove to the critics that they’re more than a one-album wonder.


    Katie White tells the Daily Star that she hopes mingling with the French will be the stimulus they need to get recording. “God, I love the French, espec­ially French boys. They’re so sweet…Some of the best shows we’ve ever done were in France. So we’re hoping to go to Paris for inspiration next year.”


    She says that although the duo has plenty of ideas for its second album, they haven’t committed anything to paper yet, much less to tape. The band are also toying with the idea of recording with a brass section, but insist that they won’t be adding any new members to the line-up, "I don’t think more musicians would add anything to our sound."


    Prior to their Parisian sojourn White & De Martino plan a stop-over in Berlin, theoretically to do some writing, but Katie admits “I don’t think we’d get much work done out there because there’s too many distractions." [Daily Star]