Tinariwen Releases Live Video, Tours With RHCP

    Desert Tuareg jam rockers Tinariwen are apparently the “it” band out of Africa to collaborate with right now. TV on the Radio has already collaborated with them. Additionally, the group plans to release a limited-edition version of their record Tassili on Record Store Day featuring remixes by Animal Collective, Four Tet and Portugal the Man. Now the outfit has joined worldly forces with Red Hot Chili Peppers for a handful of European dates and an on-stage impromptu Los Angeles jam session.

    Tinariwen’s draw from fans and artists alike is particularly interesting right now considering the political situation in Mali that they are tied-in with. In case, you haven’t heard, the Malian capital city recently was taken over by Tuareg rebel forces by the same nomadic, Berber tribe that Tinariwen hails from. It should also be of note that Mali is probably one of the most democratic countries in Africa with a respectable track-record of freedom of speech. Yikes! Recently, Tinariwen  commented on the situation pledging their full support for the rebel group.

    Back to music, you can watch Flea and Josh Klinghoffer jam out with the group in Los Angeles below. Here are the dates with RCHP:

    June 28 Goffertpark: Nijmegen, Netherlands

    June 30 Stade de France: Paris, France

    July 03 TBA: Bern, Switzerland


    UPDATE: Apparently, two members of Tinariwen—the bandleader Ibrahim and the acoustic guitarist Elaga Al Hamid—are reportedly stuck in refugee camps near the Algerian border and have been since February. So if you see them on tour, they might be missing some of their key members. Crazy!