Tina Fey And EW Talk About Tracy Morgan, ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Bossypants’ And More

    Tina Fey’s career has come a long way in the past ten years. Sure, she was head writer at Saturday Night Life (and the first woman to occupy that spot in the show’s history), but no one could have predicted how far she’d come since then. Her sitcom 30 Rock, which is based in part on her time at SNL, is a huge success and is entering its seventh and final season this year. 

    As she prepared to depart NBC’s Must See TV lineup on Thursday nights, According to IndieWire, Tina Fey recently sat down and reflected on the fortune she’d had with Entertainment Weekly. She offered some juicy nuggets about behind-the-scenes happenings at the show, in show business and in her book, Bossypants

    For example, she talks about how hard it was to get some explicit or sexual language into her movie Mean Girls. According to Fey, she wouldn’t have had nearly so much trouble if her picture had been about teenage boys rather than adolescent girls. 

    Find out more about Tina Fey’s take on her time in show business, and check out her awesome Holly Golightly impression on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, which hits newsstands Sept. 28.