Timestep Releases Customized Technics SL-1210 GR for Audiophiles

    A new modification perfect for the seasoned audiophile.

    Timestep Evo Technics 1210

    Devon-based company Timestep has released a customized version of the Technics SL-1210 GR. This new version, named the Evo GR, is a reference to Timestep‘s ongoing Technics Evo series. It includes a few upgrades for those looking for crisper tones and better performance.

    First off, this modification also comes with its power supply. This removes what Timestep founder Dave Cawley has referred to as the audio-graphic “haze.” He believes obfuscates the original intended sound of the vinyl.

    Timestep Technics1210 Evo Arm

    Cawley told The Vinyl Factory that the standard SL-1210 GR, “while excellent, cuts costs in two areas: the tonearm and the power supply.The arm is derived from the original SL-1200 and it’s not what I’d call an audiophile arm.”

    The modified SL210 GR comes with a Mitchell TecnoArm. This is a basic mechanical rebuild of the popular RB202 tonearm. According to the Mitchell website, the arm tube is designed to disperse structural resonances while “yielding a lower effective mass,” essentially creating a cleaner, fuller sound.

    Timestep recommends that you use a Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge, although you can install any cartridge of your choosing.

    Timestep Technics1210 Evo Arm

    Cawley started Timestep Electronics Ltd. in 1984 with his wife.

    Strangely enough, Cawley is also known for his current role as the Town councilor in Dartmouth, publisher of Dartmouth.tv, and his past role as chairman of the Dartmouth Chamber of Commerce.

    Even stranger, Cawley and his company are also a leading manufacturer of satellite and ground sensing stations. This interest is due in part to reading Arthur C.Clark’s book and later Stanley Kubrick feature film 2001: Space Odyssey.

    The turntable is available as a full package with everything included, or you can buy select components if you wish to customize your setup.

    Below are the prices (via Vinyl Factory) with their estimated USD conversions. You can also learn more about Timestep and their wide array of products and innovations on their website. You can also buy standard Technics SL-1210s at Amazon.

    Technics SL-1210 GR turntable (black): £1,299.00 (appx. $1,680 USD)

    Michell TecnoArm (black): £677.00 (appx. $876 USD)

    Tonearm mounting plate : £90.00 (appx. $116 USD)

    Timestep HE III PSU: £450.00 (appx. $582 USD)

    Fitting/customisation: £200.00 (appx. $259 USD)

    Total cost of turntable & tonearm package: £2,716.00 (appx. $3,514 USD)

    Additional options:

    Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge: £179.00 (appx. $232 USD)

    Oyaide BR-12 mat: £89.99 (appx. $116 USD)

    Oyaide STB-MS weight: £225.00 (appx. $291 USD)