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Track Review: Timbaland feat. The Hives - Throw It On Me

This song isn'''t bad, but it feels forced. It'''s like Timbo was in the studio and thought, ''"The Hives are weird and kooky rockers, and I'''m a weird and kooky hip-hop producer, so our collaboration has to be weird and kooky and amazing because we'''re a bunch of weird and kooky people mixing genres.''" Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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The Hives

what in the world?

Dave Park

I don't think I could take an album of this. I could, however, hear this being covered by Gwen Stefani.


Not feeling this at all.

Justin Sheppard

why does this feel like something that could be on an Outkast album?


I luv it.. !


the song is brilliant!


I love this song. Its just so fun & wild.


[...] Talk about culture clash. Swedish spazz-rockers the Hives are going to lay down their next album in Mississippi, of all places. Then again, maybe the band and locale aren’t such an odd pairing. The Hives’ frontman does call himself Howlin’ Pelle Almqist, obviously a nod to similarly-monikered old bluesmen, and the band’s frantic energy taps a source that goes back to rock’s roots in the Delta. I don’t know if Miami, Florida can really be counted as a genuine part of the Deep South, but for what it’s worth, the Hives have also been putting in time at that city’s Hit Factory studio. Head over the the Hives’ website for all the band has to say on their proceedings. And don’t forget, the Swedes put in a guest appearance on Timbaland’s upcoming Timbaland Presents: Shock Value.            [...]

» Deep South, meet the Hives » Blog Ar

I loooooooove the hives.....everuthing they do, it's just....perfect.


I think this is hot. People are just hating on this because it's different. Kudos to Timbaland and the Hives for trying something new.


honestly, youre a ******* retard... timbaland is a genius


this could be one of the worst songs i've ever heard. What were the hives thinking... i've lost all respect for them...can you say sell out?


i agree.

Adrian Covert

hmmm. have to say this is pain to my ears.

John B

people need to stop throwing the words "sell out" when they don't like something. i guess Aerosmith sold out when they did a collabo with RUN DMC or how about Linkin Park and Jay-Z, Anthrax and Pulic Enemy? not all collaborations are great but i don't think you're a sell out for trying something different. How else will music stay fresh and grow if you don't test the waters? if it not your cup of tea don't listen to it.

the real

The track he has with She Wants Revenge ("Time") is way better than this. That song doesn't sound force like this one does.

Jimmy G

Hey. I like this song. 10 Bux says its gonna be on a top music chart for... idk music television or what ever the hell that thing is.


hah but the thing is aerosmith did sell our, linkin park were sellouts from the starts and anthrax just sucks. its not keeping things fresh, its just a way to make more money with little talent. Why do you think they had all the wwe wrestlers and shit in it, its just a shitty song to bring in more money and advertisement, thats all there is to it.


I love this track but I didn't use to, not right away. It sort grew on me, like most of the tracks on this album. Now I think it's great! It's more than that, it's fabulous! Who ever said that you shouldn't mix rock and hip hop/rap? Timbaland's Shock value is a brilliant album, and I think a future classic. It has everything to suit your mood and feel for music. Currently I'm playing tracks 13 to 19 over and over again, including Time, which I also think is great (I started with tracks 2 to 4 :-)


i love the hives but the video of this song let me a little bit upset..women and "bling bling".it's not their style..


I relly like it. Its fun to listen at and have a nice feeling about it. To sad i havnt heard it before...


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