Contest: Predict the sales of ”’Shock Value”’ / Winner of ”’Buck the World”’ announced

    Congrats to bigkelly for his guess of 135,000 units of Buck the World being sold, that figure was only off by 5,000.
    Now, onto this week’s contest. Timbaland has been busy taking aim at Scott Storch and making appearances at the WWE, but will any of this help him move units? I don’t think there’s a ton of competition this week, but last week I counted out Tim McGraw and he annihilated the competition.


    • Predict the first week album sales for Timbaland”’s Shock Value below in the comments.
    • Predictions after Sunday (April 8, 2007 will be disqualified)


    • $20 gift certificate to

    Additional Notes:
    *Check out the Week in Preview feature to see what else was released.
    **Whoever is closest to actual sales figures from Soundscan. No Price is Right rules in effect (i.e. you can still win if your guess is over the actual sales figures.)
    ***This contest is open to everyone including Prefix staffers.