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Timbaland + M.I.A. = Meh

So here it is: the long-lost outtake from Timbo's upcoming Shock Value, the collaboration that would make M.I.A. a massive superstar and make bloggers everywhere hyperventilate with excitement.
All we can say is, well, this is the kind of record that gets cut from albums. The beat has some potential, but after a few loops you get the idea and not much changes from there on out save a little breakdown that serves as a nice siesta. M.I.A. does her thing, spitting some lyrics while mixing in some repetitive yet catchy gibberish, but it's certainly not the kind of thing that sends 13-year-old girls rushing to Sam Goody.
It's not offensive or anything; it's just not that great, either. Although given some of the poo that did make Shock Value's final cut it seems like this could have found a home somewhere on there.
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Track Review

Certainly not great but far superior to any of the dog shit released on Shock Therapy. Worst album of the year. Hands down.


I still have to get around to listening to the album, but I am a fan of Timbo's beats. This song is on the weak side though.

Dave Park

Musically, this is not the worst crime he's committed, far more inferior cuts made it on the final product. For example, FANTASY sounds like a poor man's rip-off of promise, accompanied by a similar weak vocal styling to boot...bleh!


if anyone has this song as an mp3could they add me on msn,and send it to meepleaseee!!-thankss soo


maybe that's why there is so much bouncing you big fat fatty fat fat. Maybe Timbo's eats too much food and his ears are blocked. this is one of the better tracks. yep, maybe hard to believe but Timboss is just bored or cashing in. he has given away all his good tracks or he actually has bad taste in music. his 'friends' did try to tell him but his head had disappeared into a big black hole. mind you. the first track on the album is hypnotic. for the rest, he keeps bouncing and saying he's not dead but then chants 'if i was you, i'd kill myself' the dude's lost. mind you, he hangs out with furrytardo and timbolake.


I think all of you are expecting a little too much. Timbaland has always been a good producer when he colabos on a few songs with an artist. But like many producers although he can produce a good song technically speaking, that doesn't mean he is gonna come up with a brilliant hook an amazing concept. If he does it mabe a fesw times he is definately not going to do it 12 times to make an amazing LP. Not to mention he has to build chemistry with every single person he is working with while doing the album over a short period of time. Also think of all the other projects he was working on while doing his own LP. The album by Timbaland and magoo in the 90's was sub par so expecting over 12 tracks of straight fire this time around even he hasn't shown signs of writing a full song in years is just plain crazy. Take it for what it is, a rushed album by a great producer equals something just above par.


This is song in my opinion is one of the best songs Tim has made and its a shame it didnt made it in the album.


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