Ticket Scalping Illegal In New York, Until Legislators Fix That

    New York is one of the few states where ticket scalping is entirely above board, and is technically a legal undertaking. That is, New York WAS one of the states, as the state’s ticket resale law lapsed this weekend before lawmakers could hash out a new version of the law that passed in 2007. Among the major sticking points is Ticketmaster’s paperless tickets, which require purchasers to show ID to get into the show, this making resales impossible. Governor David Paterson is demanding that Ticketmaster offer a paper option to New Yorkers, which Ticketmaster has balked at. 


    Don’t worry though, scalpers: Though reselling tickets is now technically illegal, New York legislators say there won’t be enforcement of the law until the lawmakers bash everything out in the state congress. [NY Times]