T.I. addresses Shawty Lo beef at Dirty Awards, and spends 40 minutes talking with Howard Stern (Video)


    In an interview with MTV, T.I.  finally responded to the beef between his crew and Shawty Lo’s at the Dirty Awards, effectively squashing any remnants of the argument, saying he’s got too much other stuff on his mind to be concerned with Shawty Lo. That interview is above. [via Nahright]


    Below is a 40 minute, uncut interview with T.I. on the Howard Stern show. Howard spends a lot of the interview kissing T.I.’s ass (he say’s "you’re much more of a man than me" roughly 21 times), before it awkwardly ends with Artie Lange doing some bars of a Notorious B.I.G. song with the n-words intact. Listen if you so care. [World Star Hip-Hop]