Thurston Moore Joins Sean Lennon To Get A Little Oedipal With “Oh Yoko!”


    Say you’re Sean Lennon, scion of one of the greatest rock and roll minds to ever make a record. Even though you’re not really the world-changing talent your dad was, you do all right, and cool dudes like Thurston Moore stop by intermittently to jam with you. And one of the coolest parts of jamming with said cool dudes is that as Sean Lennon, you can bust out one of pop’s uber-hits and have kind of a moment. The one song that might be slightly off-limits? How about “Oh Yoko!,” the song your dad wrote for your mom in a kind of special, parent love sort of way. It would seem that Lennon would have stepped a little gingerly around this particular tune, but apparently there are times when “Instant Karma” just doesn’t cut the mustard. [TwentyFourBit]