Thundercat’s ‘Golden Age Of Apocalypse’ Flipped Into A Beat Tape

    Like other beat tapes before it, the idea behind Thndrcrk was to use Thundercat’s killer debut, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, as a musical palette. Producer FreshNerd, of 100 Akres, admits that there wasn’t much to improve on the album, if anything, so he figured he would do his best to chop, flip, and rework the jazzy, otherworldly bass-driven record.

    It’s not a completely instrumental affair, though, as the members of undergroup rap group Soulstice appear on the four interludes. To be blunt, this is a must-download for hip-hop heads with a soft-spot for jazz, chopped-up beats, and smooth vibes. Stream the tape below and download it at Bandcamp.

    <a href=”” mce_href=””>Thndrcrk by FreshNerd of 100 Akres</a>