Sample songs from the upcoming freak folk Madonna tribute

    Anticipation has been building for a while now for Through the Wilderness, a collection of Madonna covers done by current freak folk (yes, that term isn’t the greatest, but for now we’re going with it) big names like Ariel Pink, Bat for Lashes, and Lavender Diamond. We first told you about the project back here. The CD is scheduled for release on November 27 via Manimal Vinyl, with an actual vinyl version to follow early next year. Portions of the proceeds the album generates will go to a charity that helps orphans in Malawi. The project now has a MySpace page, where Madge covers from Giant Drag, the Tyde, Ariel Pink, and Lavender Diamond can be streamed. Follow on after the jump to find out what songs those artists cover and some thoughts on how they turn out…[more:]
    The Tyde turns the bubbly dance floor pop of “Hung Up” into a haunting meditation on obsession; the song is definitely the standout of the four here. Ariel Pink does his usual electro-shock thing with “Everybody,” to less than engaging results. Same goes for Giant Drag’s take on “Oh Father,” with Annie Hardy taking the song’s title very seriously as she sings in her best little girl voice. And Lavender Diamond’s version of “Like a Prayer” might be too faithful. Becky Stark’s voice is as beautiful as ever, but she doesn’t inflect it into enough different intonations to get at the song’s inherent good girl/bad girl contradictions.