Three OutKast albums could be out in 2009

    In an interview with, OutKast MC Big Boi made a big revelation: He and OutKast partner Andre 3000 plan to release three OutKast-related albums in 2009.


    "Me and ‘Dre were on the conference call [recently]," Big Boi told "He’s working on his album; my album is done. We’re gonna wait until the top of the year– January or February– to put it out. Then ‘Dre is gonna come hit y’all, and [then] we’re gonna do the Outkast album. So y’all gonna get three records from the ‘Kast next year."


    Big Boi finally confirmed that his album, Sir Luscious Left Foot… Son of Chico Dusty, which had been given a “fourth quarter of 2008” release date, won’t see the light of day until early 2009.


    But given Andre 3000’s slow work pace, and a previous report from him that his album would be out this year (which Big Boi seems to squash), it’d be hard to imagine that he’d be done with his album, and the two of them could get together and bang out an album for late 2009 release. Stranger things have happened, but it could happen, and it could be great. [Pitchfork]