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Three Die At Crowded Steve Aoki Show

Steve Aoki's headlining show in Madrid ended in tragedy last night after three women died amidst a crowd rush. Reports claim the sold-out show--Thriller Music Park's Halloween party--was dangerously overcrowded, which may have led to the incident.

Spin says that at 4 AM "roughly 50 medical personnel were called to the scene to respond to two victims who were unconscious and in cardiac arrest; when they arrived, they found five people in distress. El País reports that their injuries were due to 'trauma by crushing, possibly having suffered a fall and being trampled.' Two of the victims were treated on site and declared dead after 30 minutes of attempted resuscitation; a third died shortly upon arrival at a local hospital.”

In addition, two more victims are currently hospitalized and remain in critical condition. Spin points to the possibility of a flare going off in the crowd, which may have then triggered the stampede.

According to other reports, several of the music venue's security exits were blocked or otherwise inaccessible. A commenter on Spanish newspaper El Pais' Facebook page detailed the human bottleneck that took place, noting, “People inside [the bottleneck] were vomiting, fainting—chaos.” [Fact]

Photo taken by @patriloe, via El Pais.


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