Three 6 Mafia Planning Cooking Show

    Remember when it seemed like Three 6 Mafia were going to be huge, following their win for “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp” at the Oscars? Then they did that Adventures in Hollyhood show and squandered any good will they accrued? Well, they’re burying any remnants of their near-glory; they’ve announced they’re trying to sell a cooking show to any network that will have them. The show, Cookin Ain’t Easy, will feature DJ Paul and Big Triece making “culinary classics” (like what, the Cinnabon?) and cracking jokes. They’re selling the show as a comedy, presumably because Three 6 Mafia can’t cook. But if it’s only half as bad as Hollyhood, this might actually be a step-up in their career. [Contact]