Thom Yorke Wants You To Be A Part Of A Human Sculpture

    Throughout Radiohead’s career, but especially from OK Computer and beyond, the visual art that has accompanied the band’s albums has been just as interesting and noteworthy as the musical art. Frontman Thom Yorke and artist Stanley Donwood have been the creative driving force behind that, and today Yorke went to Radiohead’s Dead Air Space blog looking for help on another collaborative project: a 2,000 person living sculpture that will apparently look like the Viking King Cnut, trying and failing to command the ocean.


    The art project is part of a campaign with Earth 350, who are hoping to inspire involvement with the Dec. 4 National Climate Day. Yorke himself posted on Dead Air Space that the project is “to remind the people in Cancun that we are running out of time.” The image of Cnut will be visible from space (can’t wait to see those photos) and will take place rain or shine. People may volunteer at Earth 350, and the first 2,000 are guaranteed spots in the project. All participants are being asked to wear black to the event. I’m pretty sure they could change the sculpture to the likeness of Kanye West and achieve the exact same message. [NME]