Thom Yorke Teases With Mysterious Picture Of A Record

    Radiohead’s Thom Yorke tweeted a mysterious photo of a white LP early yesterday, a simple gesture that has whipped fans into a frenzy of speculation and uncertainty over just what the mysterious record may be: Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, solo material, or something else. Here’s the tweet.

    Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich also tweeted the cryptic photo, although that doesn’t help narrow things down much considering he is a frequent collaborator of Yorke’s, acting as a full-time member of side-project Atoms for Peace and having produced Yorke’s only solo album, 2006’s The Eraser.

    As Consequence of Sound points out, Radiohead claimed to have only returned to the studio this month to work on their ninth studio album — their first since 2011’s King of Limbs — so it’s unlikely that they’ve completed a new record and had a test-pressing of the material already.

    New Atoms for Peace material seems more likely, though the group’s bassist, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, is perpetually busy with his other projects, so it’s also not probable. It could be new solo material, though even that seems implausible this close to a new Radiohead effort, especially since Yorke hasn’t gone solo in eight years. Of course, it could also be something new entirely.

    The photo also features a glimpse of what is almost certainly frequent Radiohead-collaborator Stanley Donwood artwork, especially in the style of The Eraser‘s cover, although that, of course, doesn’t really narrow it down either.