Thom Yorke Solo Single May Surface in September

    Rumors about Radiohead’s current activities don’t always prove to be true, but that doesn’t stop people speculating about their next musical venture. Thom Yorke is now thought to be readying another solo project, which may surface as a 12-inch single comprised of the tracks “Apart By Horses” and “The Hollow Earth.”


    The website Exclaim has revealed details of the single, which is reportedly going to be released on September 22 on a subsidiary of ATO named TBD Records. The limited edition 12-inch is said to be available in 4,000 copies in Europe, 4,000 copies in North America and 300 copies in Canada.


    Radiohead has issued no official statement about the single, so this is all speculation at the present time. But director Chris Weitz has confirmed that Yorke will be providing music for his movie New Moon, and speculation is mounting that “The Hollow Earth” could be his contribution to the film.