Thom Yorke Says Music Industry Has “Months” to Live

    The music industry is dying, but how long before we can dance around its grave? Thom Yorke thinks we only have “a matter of months” before the last rites of industry execs will be uttered. The Radiohead singer was giving an interview for a high school text book called The Rax Active Citizen Toolkit when he made the claims.


    “[It’ll be] only a matter of time,” Yorke said. “Months rather than years before the music business establishment completely folds.” He added that it would be “no great loss to the world” when the industry goes belly up, and advised musicians not to tie themselves to a “sinking ship.”


    Unfortunately, Yorke seemingly forgot to hand out any practical advice on what aspiring musicians should do if they want to avoid the “sinking ship.” The music industry is certainly tanking, but it’s such a well-established viewpoint now that it serves no purpose to go over it again and again. What we need now are practical solutions for new musicians.


    [via NME]