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Thom Yorke Posts Election Day Playlist

It’s the general election in Great Britain today, and while the result looks likely to be a close call, with the Conservative Party expected to come out on top, there is some less depressing news—the Green Party is expected to gain its first parliamentary seat in Brighton, which would be a significant historic moment.


Radiohead singer Thom Yorke is a vocal supporter of the Green Party, and has taken to Dead Air Space today to post his own election day playlist. Perhaps mindful of David Cameron’s likely rise to Prime Minister, the No. 1 slot on Yorke’s list goes to “The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)” by Fun Boy Three.


Full list:


01. The Lunatics (Have taken over the Asylum) by Fun Boy Three

02. Splitting the Atom by Massive Attack

03. Les Folies Françaises by Matmos

04. Sticky Situation (Toddla T & Seiji Mix) by Lady Chan

05. Veni vidi vici (Diplo rmx) by Black Lips

06. Mass in B Minor BWV 232, Credo: Chorus: Et Incarnatus Est Bach Mass in B minor by Münchner Philharmoniker & Sergiu Celibidache

07. Into Dust by Mazzy Star

08. My Beautiful Leah by Pj Harvey

09. Analogue Talk (Claknib) by AFX

10. Backdoor. Spyboter.A by AFX


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Thom Yorke

We put Thom's playlist into a streaming version, if anyone's interested. Check it at:

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