Thom Yorke Concedes That ‘The King Of Limbs’ “Alienated” Listeners

    Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke seems to have had something of a revelation. Talking to Rolling Stone he said that he can now understand why his band’s eighth album alienated listeners.

    When The King Of Limbs emerged in February 2011, its distribution was low-key to say the least: the LP was initially download-only, popped-up with a mere week’s notice and received almost no publicity from the band. As Yorke explained:

    It was amazing just to put the record out like that. But then it didn’t feel like it really existed… But that was the consequence of what we chose to do. You can either get upset about it, or say, “well, that’s not good enough.”

    At the time of its release, quite a few listeners did get upset about the album and did say, “well that’s not good enough.” Conceding this, Yorke went on to add, “I can see why it’s alienated people. I didn’t realise it was on its own planet.” [NME]