Thom Yorke At Copenhagen Has Hope Because Political Leaders Are “Shit-Scared” (Video)

    Barack Obama swooped into Copenhagen and did, well, not much. Maybe Thom Yorke could help? After meeting with U.K. environmental minister Ed Miliband, Yorke talked with Treehugger (cross-posted at Motherboard.TV) about the progress of the Copenhagen talks.


    Despite dismissing the emissions cuts pledged by Britain as “not enough,” Yorke found hope in the extent of popular political pressure being brought against political leaders in the West. According to Yorke, world leaders are no longer able to ignore that pressure and they’ve realized they have to take action, even action that might require transforming the global economy. That’s a prospect that has them “shit-scared,” maybe even shit shit-scared enough to reach some kind of meaningful agreement (at some later date, perhaps, because Copenhagen was a bust).


    Some other highlights from the interview:


    “Neither you or I know what the fuck’s going on in those negotiating rooms.”


    “All those market-based solutions…they ain’t gonna wash.”


    “You have the riots outside, you have the NGOs thrown out, you have the world leaders turn up and they think they’ve got their nice little fucking boys’ club going, but this time it ain’t gonna happen.”



    [Treehugger and Motherboard.TV]