This Weekend’s Box Office Winner Was ‘Paranormal Activity’

    Strap in and hunker down, because there’s a new Halloween tradition getting underway. It doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon, so you should start to expect commercials and ads for it every October for years to come. 

    I’m talking, of course, about Paranormal Activity. The fourth installment of the found-footage horror franchise at least partially lived up to expectations this weekend by debuting at number one, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While it didn’t have as strong an opening as Paranormal Activity 3, (that picture made 43 percent more money when it first hit theaters last year), the $26.5 million it made in the United States was still a tidy sum. Add to that the fact that it only cost $5 million to make (and grossed over $55 million around the world), and you can understand why there’s already a plan to have a fifth part of the franchise ready for next October. 

    You could do a lot worse for Halloween traditions than Paranormal Activity movies. While they might not be as dark or sinister as something like, well, Halloween or Sinister, they still provide some genuine scares. The best litmus test for whether or not a movie was scary? How unsafe do you feel when you step into the night after leaving the theater?