This Washing Machine Sounds Like Lars Ulrich

    As Stomp has taught us time and time again, music can be found all around us. There is rhythm in everyday life, guiding our actions and activities if we just stop and listen.

    This washing machine knows what I’m talking about. Last December, YouTube user “SinaCXVII” uploaded a video of his household appliance making some pretty sweet beats as it goes through its washing cycle. The narrator of the video even identifies the rhythmic complexity–there are quarter notes, triplets, and break-downs, leading him to dub the machine “Lars Ulrich.” On the flip side, why pay some cocky producer or drummer thousands of dollars to craft beats for you, when Lars the Washing Machine can do it for free? Or, if it’s coin-operated, like five quarters.

    Watch the original below, plus a death-metal remix. Thank you, internet. [Buzz Feed]