This Trailer For ‘The American Scream’ Will Warm Your Heart

    Everybody likes Halloween. You have fond memories of trick-or-treating, you get to dress up as anything you want and there’s a spooky feeling in the air that only comes once a year. However, some folks certainly appreciate October 31 more than others, and they certainly go to some extremes. 

    In the town of Fairhaven, MA, residents tend to go all-out when it comes to decorating their homes and sharing the spirit of Halloween. The latest documentary from Michael Paul Stephenson (Best Worst Movie) focuses on three men and their efforts to create the perfect haunted houses in their yards. In the trailer below (via IndieWire), you can tell that they certainly go to extremes.

    Nevertheless, the childlike happiness they seem to derive from dressing up, building fake zombies and scaring the pants off of people is probably worth the obsession they make their families put up with all year. Check the film out when it comes to select theaters on Oct. 13. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time between then and Halloween to check out some haunted houses and appreciate the work and dedication that goes into making them.