This She & Him iPhone Ad Doesn’t Make Any Sense (Video)


    I know my personal life is boring to you (it’s boring to me too), but BEAR WITH ME here. While standing precariously close to a propane grill we had not tested properly yesterday afternoon, an old friend from college dropped this knowledge bomb: (Paraphrasing) “Dude, have you seen the new iPhone apps commercial?” I had not. “That commercial sucks. It acts like someone who would listen to Neon Indian or Grizzly Bear would have no idea who She & Him are.” I promised my friend I’d look into the matter and blog about it–because this is what adults do, and we cover our fair share of indie rock in commercials here–so above is the commercial, and below is my thoughts.



    Holy crap dude, you were right. This ad doesn’t make sense. There are a few presumptions that don’t make sense here:


    1. That anyone actually has the entire Owl City album on their iPhone.

    2. That said Owl City lover would also really like Neon Indian, Grizzly Bear and Phoenix, because, no, there is not overlap between their audiences.

    3. That someone who has painstakingly built a stereotypically indie musical selection on their iPod wouldn’t have already had a leaked version of She & Him’s Volume Two on their iPod.

    4. That said person wouldn’t be able to pick Zooey Deschanel’s voice out without a stupid app.


    I’d be insulted by the indie-bating nature of this commercial if it hasn’t been done by every product from iPods to Cool Whip to Jockey shorts in the last week. But yeah, college friend, you were right, this is pretty dumb.