This ‘Bruce Willis Is Confused’ Supercut Is Amazing

    Bruce Willis is probably underrated as an actor. Sure, he’s most well-known for dodging explosions and saving people from terrorists, but the man can act. That’s particularly clear when he’s got that look on his face that means he’s trying to figure something out. You know that expression — he gets a little squinty-eyed and purses his lips as if he’s just thought of the craziest thing in the world but isn’t sure if it’s real. 

    In fact, legend has it that when filming the amazing science fiction thriller 12 Monkeys, director Terry Gilliam’s only rule before shooting began was that Willis had to keep his “steely blue eyes look” to a minimum. He still snuck a couple in, and the expression is apparent in other films like The Sixth Sense, Hudson Hawk, Death Becomes Her and many other titles in his filmography. 

    Next Movie, via Vulture, has done us all a tremendous solid and compiled his confused, flinty-eyed face into one amazing supercut. Watch it, giggle and see if you can figure out what movie each clip is from — and why, exactly, Bruce Willis is confused. 


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