Third Eye Blind singer says albums unnecessary in digital age, everyone who bought Third Eye Blind records agrees

    At the SanFran MusicTech Summit on Monday, keynote speaker Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind said that albums are unnecessary in today’s musical landscape.


    "I don’t think it’s necessary or useful," Jenkins told several hundred conference attendees. "The album is an arbitrary concept. It’s not something that has to exist."


    Jenkins’ main point is that album filler makes albums unnecessary, and I’d tend to agree for most pop records. But that assertion doesn’t make any sense for albums that don’t have any filler (say, any record by TV on the Radio).


    Saying pop stars don’t need to put out albums anymore is kind of late and obvious—the success of iTunes has made that clear. I’m not sure if I’d go to the dude from Third Eye Blind for my “future of the music business” talk.   


    Jenkins also said at the conference that his band would be putting out three songs on iTunes instead of constructing an album to fit around the three songs. I’m sure anyone who put down money for Blue is thanking him right now. [Cnet