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Things Between Etta James And Beyonce Knowles Not So Gravy (Audio)


Here's a recap: Beyonce Knowles performed the Etta James' classic "At Last" at Barack Obama's Inauguration (and performed it as James in the movie Cadillac Records). Two days after the inauguration, James' son said the reason James, who is alive and well, didn't perform the song was because she was ill, but she wished she could have been there.


Apparently that last bit was a lie--above is audio of James talking down Beyonce ("I'll whoop her ass"), Obama ("he ain't my president"), and it is painfully clear James is super-pissed about not being able to sing her song at the Inauguration. 


Who knows what really happened here--but it appears that James wasn't ill, and would have performed the song if asked. Beyonce has yet to respond to whether or not she could take James in a scuffle. [Real Talk NY]

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Etta James

I'd place my money on Etta James.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Hell naw. Please. Come on B is basically at her prime. Etta that's another story the woman should be grateful because if Beyonce hadn't sung the damn song Etta would be getting all this publicity now. It's probably a publicity stunt by Etta anyway.


Beyonce does not need to entertaiin Etta James. Wow!! I was a fan of Ms.James but I think a little differently of her now. She is addressing her issue of not singing At Last to the wrong folks... I bet she had no problems allowing Beyonce to portray her in the movie or the money that she received.


Etta need to sit her old ass down and leave Beyonce alone.

T Baby

I totally get Ms. James. It's not as though she is dead. It is a song that is recognised as hers (so much so that it was worthy of portrayal in a movie). If you can have the original then why go for the immitator? I can understand her being disappointed and offended - if she wasn't at least asked. That said, the way that she expressed her feelings is rather disappointing. At the end of the day while disappointing and offensive it was very flattering and an honour that a song which she made famous was chosen to feature so prominently in a truely historical moment. No matter who sand the song, the fact that it was played at all 10 balls and danced to by the President and First Lady at all 10 balls has immortalised that song. Everyone knows that Ms. James did the original cover. It's her song. No matter who sings it from now on they could only ever be remaking it. She could have expressed herself more graciously.


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