There’s A Reason To Stay For The ‘Cloud Atlas’ Credits

    Before you head out to the theater to see this weekend’s epic mindbender Cloud Atlas, remember to stay through the credits for a fun treat. That is, if you’re not desperate to get to the bathroom after the film’s 164-minute runtime, plus previews.

    According to Vulture, once the initial credits roll, there is an interesting recap of which characters each main actor played in the film. The movie, which examines reincarnation, casts the actors (like Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving) in various roles, of different races, genders and time periods. Some of those transformations are obvious, but others are more obscure. The credits sequence will allow you to test your actor-spotting skills. This will all depend on how much soda you drank during the showing, however, so you might want to plan accordingly.

    The new film, which was directed by Tom Tykwer and Larry Wachowski (of Run Lola Run and The Matrix, respectively — so expect a nonlinear plot), has caused some controversy for its use of makeup to transform various actors into different ethnicities. For instance, Berry appears as an Asian man. This controversy, coupled with the film’s trippy premise, might prove interesting when the weekend’s box office numbers are reported.