There’s A Book About David Bowie Hugging Mick Ronson

    English author Dylan Jones has written a new book dubbed When Ziggy Played Guitar: David Bowie And Four Minutes That Shook The World, spending 200 pages discussing the time Bowie played “Starman” on the July 6, 1972 telecast of the UK show “Top Of The Pops.” It might seem innocuous now, but back then the performance was a pretty big deal, apparently.

    Dressed in a multi-colored leotard, Bowie sang the song, and during the choruses he put his arm around guitarist Mick Ronson, occasionally gazing into his eyes as he told the tale of the Starman waiting in the sky. Seems innocent enough, but those three-and-half-minutes of television were transgressive. “It was thrilling, slightly dangerous, transformative,” writes Jones, who was twelve when he watched it live. “For me, and for those like me, it felt that the future had finally arrived.”

    He’s referring to the sexual overtones of the performance, which were made even more rebellious by the fact that Bowie had come out as bisexual just six months previous. Jones claims that the moment “[created] havoc in millions of sitting rooms all over Britain.” The Guardian is skeptical, but no doubt the performance led to some pretty dubious fashion choices. Watch it below. [Daily Swarm]