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There Is An Unreleased Sufjan Stevens Family Documentary


In 2006, director Kaleo La Belle followed his friends Marzuki and Sufjan Stevens as the brothers took a road trip from New York to Michigan in the hopes of reconnecting and meeting with their long-estranged father.


Titled Crooked River, the film is currently unreleased and, as the filmmaker's representative told Pitchfork today, there are as of now no plans to release the movie any time soon. It was a new trailer for the film that sparked Consequence of Sound's interest in the project today. As interesting as the film looks and as much as it might appeal to Sujan's fans, the trailer might be all anyone ever sees of the documentary unless a distributor picks it up.


Anyone have any rich relatives that own a movie distribution company and are looking for something good to release?


Watch the trailer here via Consequence of Sound.

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