The Wrens To Finally Begin Recording New Album, Maybe

    The Wrens are kind of notorious for taking a while between albums. While the gap between their second record Secaucus and 2003’s The Meadowlands was understandable, given the hardships their label and the music industry in general put them through over that time, the break since then hasn’t been beset by those sorts of problems, yet all listeners have had since then is one new song, a few demos, and some heartbreaking false starts.


    It may sound like a broken record from almost exactly this time last year, but the band has announced via their website that they have plans to be in-studio and recording this upcoming Wednesday, and hope to finish that recording by June of 2010. Hopefully they follow through, because as good as “Pulled Fences” is, it just hasn’t been holding me over. [Pitchfork]