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The Wrens are back with new song, recording plans

It's been six years since The Wrens released their brilliant album, The Meadowlands. And after all that time, and more than a few teases, they are finally back to record a new album. Seriously. On the band's website, they've announced plans to get together to start recording a new album next Monday, January 19. And if that wasn't enough, they're offering up a new song. "Pulled Fences" was recorded live at Abbey Road in February 2008, and can be yours for $0.99. The song doesn't quite make up for six years of silence, but it's still great, building from a piano ballad start to a sonic expansion the band has always excelled at. The band's label, Absolutely Kosher, says their hoping for the new record will be out this spring.

But until then, you can pick up "Pulled Fences" on iTunes or on the Wrens' new site where you can also obsessively check back for more album updates.


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The Wrens

It's amazing to think it's been six years since the Meadowlands came out.

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