Pete Townshend Leaves The Stage During The Middle Of The Who’s Encore

    Last night should have been a triumphant night for The Who. The rock vets played their first show in four years in Sunrise, Fla., performing their Quadrophenia album in its entirety, but the night will be remembered for something else.

    During the encore of “You Better You Bet,” guitarist Pete Townshend walked off stage without appearing to inform his bandmates ahead of time. Rolling Stone reports that Townshend was unhappy with the sound monitors, yelling they were “too loud” before leaving. The band played one more song, “Baba O’Riley,” before ending the show.

    After the show, Townshend’s brother Simon shed some light on the situation, explaining on Twitter, “Pete walked off tonight because it was too loud. Was a good show but had some technical problems.”