The Who Tapped to Rock Super Bowl Halftime Show

    According to Sports Illustrated, The Who will play the halftime extravaganza at the NFL championship game on Feb. 7 in Miami. The Who is something of an odd choice considering there are still half a dozen 80s megastars still alive who haven’t been asked. Indeed, the rumor mill has it Bon Jovi were the organizers’ first choice, though perhaps as owner of the Philadelphia Soul in the Arena football league, the aging rock star feels it would be a conflict of interest. Or, it could be this.

    Instead of moving the clock forward, the NFL has taken the safe step moving further back in time with the classic rockers. Although it’s not quite as frustrating as trying to figure out all the new rules involving the acceptable ways in which defensive players can tackle superstar quarterbacks, it appears the NFL is deathly afraid of modern pop stars since the Janet Jackson nipple flash in 2004. (No, we’re not giving you a link.) After all, how many players have Quadrophenia on their iPods?

    The topic for discussion is open. Who would you rather have seen picked for the halftime show? Which songs would you like to see The Who perform?