The White Stripes’ First Concert To Be Released On Vinyl

    There might be no hope of a White Stripes reunion in this world, but fans of the enigmatic duo will soon be able to revisit their humble beginnings–on red and white vinyl, no less. Third Man Records will be releasing a recording of the first concert the band ever played via their Vault subscription service. The Live at the Gold Dollar 12″ LP features the band’s full set from August 14, 1997, including early versions of “Screwdriver” and “Lafayette Blues,” as well as a rendition of the Stooges’ “TV Eye.” The Vault package also includes a 7″ single of the band’s first-ever performance at the Gold Dollar’s Bastille Day open mic a month prior. Fans can even tote around their new goodies in an included black canvas bag emblazoned with the band’s famous peppermint logo. 

    The White Stripes might be gone for good, but at least they’re leaving us plenty to remember them by. Head over to Third Man’s website to join the Vault and get in on the stash.