The Weeknd’s Doesn’t Want You Doing Fan-Made Videos

    If you have been following the Weeknd’s career, then you have no doubt also seen the nearly endless stream of fan-made videos for tracks off his three albums. And even though you think dude might be flattered by his fans doing this, he’s actually anything but that.

    Abel Tesfaye took to his inflammatory Twitter account to send a message to everyone doing unofficial videos for his music: “just ’cause you’re showing girls do fake coke and getting smashed don’t make unofficial videos more official…shit is corny…” He also noted that we should be seeing a video for the Drake-assisted “The Zone” soon.

    Apparently Tesfaye’s tweet was directed at a dude named Nimi Hendrix, whose video for “Wicked Games” was taken off YouTube following a copyright claim. Peep Hendrix’s reaction below. [DDO]